Who are we?

Summer Breeze – Editor279956f1de9e94f7de3b471e89fb0244

Hope Syndreamz Publisher, Author, Creative Writer

Sky Owens aka Art Werx Publisher, Author, Creative Writer Illustrator artist

Roze Petalz – Spanish Translator, Proofreader, Creative Writer

Leah Cross – Creative Writer, Poet

We’re Publishers, Authors, Editors, Creative Writers,

Artists, Illustrators…Power Readers.

We write…we draw…we imagine…so you, the busy grown-up…won’t have to.

That big guy behind all of the beautiful illustrations would be our very own Sky Owens aka Art Werx: Publisher, Author, Creative Writer, Artist, Illustrator, Power Reader, brother, and friend. Sky has always been and is still the little engine that DOES. His “go get it”, “When do you need it by”, and “Okay….you can check your mail in an hour” attitude is what had always made him my ideal and first choice when it came down to searching for an artist. I had the pleasure of working with Sky on another venture some years back, and he never disappointed. Glad to have him with me as we walk this long road to success.

The Latina heartthrob translating all of our writings from English to Spanish / Spanglish would be the one and only Rosie Vigiani TCC Roze Petalz. She’s new to this neck of the woods but fits like hand to glove. Her flair for capturing the essence of the words and transforming them into the language of  Latin children of today is nothing short of wonderful and masterfully accomplished. We look forward to reading her next transformations.

The Editor of our books is none other than Carphetis Aiken aka Summer Breeze; Sr. M.I.C.A  Specialist, Substance Abuse Counselor, Case Manager, Power Reader, sister, mentor, and best friend. Her refreshing outlook on life is what keeps us in line. It doesn’t hurt that she rules with an iron fist either. Her unbiased opinions, straightforward corrections, calm sit-downs, and serious phone calls are what keep us from falling by the wayside. Her suave demeanor ignites the involuntary reaction to…do better.