The Little Wire Hanger in the Closet

The Little Wire Hanger in the Closet takes you on a historic journey, teaching the children a little about how wire hangers evolved, as well as teaching children the value of never judging a book by its cover.  The storyline shines a spotlight on the little scrawny wire hanger named Ian who, to the rest, is less pleasing to the eye than all of those around him. Although Ian is lonely, and at times afraid in his dark little home, the sun begins to shine through.  But the only way for him to feel the warmth of acceptance, respect, freedom, and peace of mind depends solely upon his little wire shoulders.

He must physically make a move, and so when the opportunity arises, he musters up enough courage and makes that move. Ian learns that it’s okay to stand up and believe in his self even though the others talk about him, make fun of him and bully him. They believe he is useless, worthless, and weak while they are obviously much stronger, bigger, and better than him.

The Little Wire Hanger in the Closet is full of great examples that will help every parent, grandparent, or teacher explain the meanness of bullying and show children the benefits of believing in their own self-worth. There are several morals to this story, but the main morals of this story are self-esteem and Anti-Bullying.


  • Never Judge A Book By Its Cover.
  • Different Than You Never Equals Lesser Or Better Than You.
  • Never Give Up
  • Always Remain Loyal To Those By Your Side.

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