Our Mission

Mission #1

To empower the youths of today to voluntarily….pick….up….a…book. It doesn’t take much for a person to simply sit down in silence, and reach for a paperback or a hardcover. It’s not that difficult to crack open the cover, and read until the very imagination that has laid dormant all these years is awakened and hungry.

We want to feed the mind. To satisfy the literary taste buds of children everywhere. This site will not contain any beep, beep, beep, beeps. It will not contain any videos not suited for the youths of today, nor will it allow any bullying of any kind.

 This is home. This is your new home.

Home for the children of today who still believe in reading. Who still see life as a land of imagination. A land steeped in wonder and surprise. A world they can call…their own. A reason for them to WANT to stay inside….away from harm. A reason to not bounce off the walls, but quietly sit and lose themselves in another person’s literary imagination.

The primary written contributor for this site; Hope Syndreamz…is me…Publisher, Author, Creative Writer, Power Reader, DOG lover, and friend to many. And I refuse to allow the innocent minds of today to feel they have no place they can call their own.


So come on in…Sit down…

Grab a book…and relax.

Welcome home hunnii….

Welcome home.


Mission #2

To fuel the desire in Parents all over the world to….sit down and read to their children.  To ignite the fires of bonding, sharing, rebuilding, and encouraging in the hearts of parents. To have the ability to sit with your child, become one with the silence of the evening, take a book, and walk hand in hand with your child into another world, is the most priceless gift any parent has to offer.

Let’s not waste it…

Two months after her high school graduation, at the tender innocent age of 18, my sister  Illeya passed  away from Crohn’s disease {Regional Enteritis}.  I know you’re saying to yourself, “What? People don’t die from   Crohn’s  disease anymore”. And you’re right…they don’t…now. But she had it back when there was no pure chance of anyone living a healthy life with it. I was a mere eight {8} year old little girl, when she finally surrendered to the illness.  I cannot remember her voice. However, the one clear and pleasant memory I have, is of her reading to us every night…. without fail. She read the bible, and whatever story book we borrowed from the library. And this was when we were not even in school yet. So I’m referring to the times when I was around the ages: 3, 4, and 5 yrs. old.

This impacted our self esteem, as well as our brains significantly. By the time my sister Nikki, and I were enrolled into school, we were already reading books such as: Dick and Jane books, Dr. Seuss Books, Watchtower and the Awake magazines, and the bible on our own. Our imaginations were vast, and limitless. I will never forget her for that. She unlocked portals in our minds and hearts that would have stayed locked until…who knows how long. That premature awakening afforded us to become who we are today. We’re power thinkers, movers, earth shakers, friendly, caring, loving, independent, and mature young women…and we owe it all to the early introduction to the joy received from reading.

This can be your child. No…excuse me. This IS your child. It just takes you to awaken that portal in their minds, and feed that hungry imagination.

It’s up to you.

While you’re thinking about it…we’ll let you in on a little secret.

Our books are just what your child needs.

Our books are just what YOU need.

Morals, messages, fun, laughter, sympathetic moments, empathetic moments, Ah-ha moments, and learning life’s lessons. We leave the back door open in every book….so you can bond, stop and talk a bit…explain the not so obvious, give them room to walk around and feel a part of your grown up busy lives without overwhelming them with the actual problems of today. Our books open the door for chatting about feelings, and learning your child’s private likes and dislikes that they’ve kept from you, for lack of a better time to talk to you about them. Our books make the time. Our books allow you to sit and listen….and gives them the platform to stand up and tell.

So go ahead and walk around.

See something you like…

Buy it.  Try it.

You’ll love it…

And they will too.

You won’t be disappointed.