I’m Proud of My Dad

This story has a two-fold mission.  It was written as a children’s story for every child in the world as well as a subliminal message written for the parents in the form of a children’s story. As they read the story to their children, my hope is that it awakens their minds and hearts to a desire drifting around in the hearts and minds of their children. I am hoping it prompts their children to ask the question and for them to realize the necessity to respond.

“I’m Proud Of My Dad” is a wonderful heartfelt story about Amir…a little boy desperately seeking the answer to one question. What does Daddie do for a living? Amir watches his father leave the house every day, and has no idea where he goes, or what he does all day while he’s out in the streets.  His father is often gone, and so instead of father-son time…Amir has to play alone.

He doesn’t have to ask Mommie about her career choice because he already knows it full well. She came to school for show and tell and told him in front of his entire class the career choice that has made her happy up to this very day. However, and for some unknown reason…Daddie refuses to tell him what he does for a living, although Mommie repeatedly urges him to do so.

Every time Amir asks his father about coming to school for show and tell, he finds a reason or a way to back out of it, in order to keep his secret hidden.  I bet you want to know what he does for a living as well? Hmmm?

Nevertheless, Amir spends much of his time day and night dreaming about what he does for a living.  He imagines his father absorbed in all types of roles and occupations. But, Daddie finally tells him what he does for a living.  I guess you’ll just have to read it to find out what he does for a living.


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Morals of this story

Mommie learns patience and understanding in that allowing someone to do something at their own pace can sometimes work out for the best, no matter how much she feels the appropriate time is now. Because sometimes…it isn’t.

Amir learns that when you seek knowledge…if you want to learn it bad enough, never give up.  Sometimes a person needs a gentle push in the right direction, or maybe they just need to understand how deeply their knowledge and your learning thereof could or possibly will affect your future.  So never giving up, in this case, pays off in the end.

Daddie learns that pride can be hurtful if it is not checked at the door when it comes to opening up to his child.  And that is when Humility comes in to play.  Every child desires to be a staple part of the family unit. And at times, even though we think it isn’t important for them to know our career choices at such a young age…something as simple as telling them what we do for a living can make a big difference in how they map out their future.