I Love My Hoodie / Amo A Mi Hoodie

“Hoodies are a great source of warmth, comfort, and security. ​No matter what others may think…..it’s ok to be you.” – Hope Syndreamz

Amir awakens, seemingly wrapped up tight with the blanket of happiness, knowing today is the day he goes shopping with his mother. All is well as they prepare for the day. They arrive at the store ready for a great day together, however upon their arrival, and what should be a wonderful mother-son bonding experience, turns into a quite stressful shopping experience repeatedly distracted, and disturbed by the constant clowning and ear-splitting catastrophes brought on by unruly children poorly supervised by their parents.

The antics grow to dizzying heights, however, despite the disruptive goings on they manage to finish their shopping on a high note. They decide to finally check out with their new items. The disconcerting boys’ tomfoolery echoes throughout the aisles as they make their way to the cashier.

When they finally reach the cashier to pay for their items…they arrive only to find a rude, apathetic, and impatient cashier. In addition to the cashier’s obvious, “I wish I was somewhere else” attitude; the mother realizes she has left all of her money at home. While searching all throughout her purse for her currency, a frantic, impatient security guard abruptly leads the now embarrassed mother off the line to look for her money. The frustrated cashier angrily dumps the mother’s items into the return bin.

Inevitably, both parent and child sadly begin to exit the store.  The mother was especially disappointed that she was not able to carry out her plans for the day
with her son in tow.

​In conclusion, they all learn; not following the crowd, following your heart, remembering your life’s lessons, and being good has its advantages…..
and sometimes even rewards are given to all parties involved.


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Morals of the Story


Being obedient to your parents goes a long way, it not only pleases your parents, leaves a good impression to onlookers, but it also rewards you as well as your parents in ways you couldn’t imagine. Following the crowd is not a good practice in any sense, at any time. Being a leader is key to growing up and becoming a strong-minded individual. Remembering all life lessons taught to you by your parents may seem insignificant to you while you’re young, but they go a long way with you and will carry you through victoriously as an adult.


One does well to be mindful of one’s actions, attitude, and body language when in the company of others. One especially does well to remain professional at all times while at one’s place of employment. Be mindful of permitting personal issues to trickle down onto unsuspecting others while on the job. You never know who’s watching your behavior.


Not every person is raised or taught in the same manner. To assume every child that comes into a store with a parent may cause problems and disruptions for other customers is understandable since it must have occurred more often than not. However, the obvious difference in the behaviors of some children versus one child being obedient to his parent proves; a few bad apples don’t spoil a whole orchard. Thus rewarding those who have tried their best might make a significant impact on the troublesome children, and neglectful .parents alike.


The way a child is raised, and the consistency in which we reinforce said teachings is made manifest in their behavior in your presence and your absence. Being mindful of the way others are viewing your child’s behavior, is always a tell-tale sign as to their level of consideration, and respect for others your child will display while in your presence, as well as giving you a taste as to what your child will do when you’re absence.